[TYPO3] tt_news and Call to undefined function: setpidlist() fatal error

tapio tapio.markula at dnainternet.net
Fri Dec 23 11:14:17 CET 2005

hannibal wrote:
> I want to bong my head on the wall...
> I fallow the tt_news user manual of typo3.org step by setpand always
> get the error message:
> Fatal error: Call to undefined function: setpidlist() in
> d:\typo3\typo3conf\ext\dkd_newsmulticats\class.ux_tx_ttnews.php on
> line 33

The used version of 'tt_news' is incompatible with 'dkd_newsmulticats'.

class.ux_tx_ttnews.php extends some class of 'tt_news'.
If the version of 'tt_news' doesn't have the function 'setpidlist()'
you get the error message. Try to find information what it the version 
of 'tt_news', which is compatible with 'dkd_newsmulticats'
If it is rather old, dont use 'dkd_newsmulticats' - both are then out of 

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