[TYPO3] Rounded Rectangle Mask Creation : Vijay

sviba sviba at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 23 09:44:36 CET 2005

 Hi ,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I have already looked into that page. I have three dynamic  images and  pharsed the images using the following ids in my HTML  file..
    1. LeftImage
    2. CenterImage
    3. RightImage
    I have used the Typoscript for LeftImage,
    subparts.LeftImage < styles.content.get
    subparts.LeftImage.select.where = colPos=4
    tt_content.image.20.LeftImage.1.bgImg = GIFBUILDER
    tt_content.image.20.LeftImage.1.bgImg.XY = 100,100
    tt_content.image.20.LeftImage.1.bgImg.backColor = #ffffff
    tt_content.image.20.LeftImage.1.mask = fileadmin/template/main/images/mask.gif
    Note : I have created the mask.gif(296 X 142) file by using the  bg  color is black and instead of rounded rectangle is white. In  the  LeftImage id, i have added the file ferrari.jpg(296 x 142). 
    But it displays the rectangle file ferrari.jpg not the corners are rounded rectangle.
    Please advice me.

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