[TYPO3] Anybody have a 2 column layout? TemplaVoila? fdfx_2cols? columntext?

tapio tapio.markula at dnainternet.net
Fri Dec 23 09:23:20 CET 2005

> And what is the difference between setting up a 2 column layout with 
> TemplaVoila and using the extension "fdfx_2cols"

I have used with the standard page module fdfx_2cols
The basic difference is that using fdfx_2cols you *don't need* to create
any new template  for TemplaVoila/Normal page module but the user can 
use internal templates of fdfx_2cols. I regard it much simpler because 
the use *doesn't need to edit page headersä* but he/she can simple 
select from drop-down-list another content element and select style for it.

Selecting alternative templates using 'Edit page header' takes more time 
and I regard it more difficult way  AND not so flexible way to select 
layout for some contents. I removed the another column from fdfx_2cols
and put to the SAME page two kind of layout. User can EASILY select 
standard layout for bodytext and alternative layout - *MUCH MORE 
FLEXIBLE* than setting DS + TS in TemplaVoila or main and content area 
templates in standard page module.


the content element area on the right, which has arrow on the left and 
gray background uses fdfx_2cols.

Imagine to use TemplaVoila for the different layout - unflexible and 
difficult both for user and for the designer of the site - and you don't 
have flexibility.

TemplaVoila and standard page module using content area templates are 
UNFLEXIBLE because for every alternative you need *DIFFEENT* 
templates/template mappings. Using fdfx_2cols you can *FREE* combine 
different layout alternatives! Endeed fdfx_2cols works only as 
alternative for ordinary contents (content type 'text'), which
use 'bodytext', 'header' and 'subheader' fields.

If you need temporarily for other kind of content different layout 
and/or you need to set other kind of contents into several columns,
try 'kb_contenttable'.

fdfx_2cols/fdfx_3cols is in my mind the best way to create different 
layout for ordinary contents. It has full frontend editing support 
(unlike 'th_specialelements').

fdfx_2cols doesn't divide contents automatic into two columns - it just
gives for the standard 'bodytext' field alternative layout + adds an 
extra field, which works like the standard 'bodytext' field.
using 'fdfx_3cols' you can use as if three bodytext fields inside the 
same content element.

> "columntext"?  Does anybody here know if these extensions will parse the 
> count of the words and place them into their respective columns 
> automatically?
maybe 'columntext' - there should be an extension for this purpose

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