[TYPO3] tt_news and Call to undefined function: setpidlist() fatal error

hannibal 2 at 2.com
Fri Dec 23 03:16:05 CET 2005

I want to bong my head on the wall...
I fallow the tt_news user manual of typo3.org step by setpand always
get the error message:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: setpidlist() in
d:\typo3\typo3conf\ext\dkd_newsmulticats\class.ux_tx_ttnews.php on
line 33

PHP_VERSION  : 4.4.1
TT_news_VERSION 2.2.24
News multiple categories 1.0.2
no other news Ext installed

As this is startup site, there is only two page: root and news.
1 Include static (from extensions) in root page:CSS Styled
Content(css_styled_content),CSS-based tmpl,default CSS-styles.

2 insert pagecontent record in news page
3 Creating a news database record in news page
I leave the Startingpoint set alone, coz the manual said"If you don't
insert a page as "Startingpoint" and no value for "pid_list" is
defined by TS, the current page is used. That means the news-extension
looks for news-records in the same page where the content-element is."

I also try check the "Is root of website" in root page , and point the
General Record Storage page to news....
still the same error message..
I think the next step is point a gun to my head....

I Love Typo3!

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