[TYPO3] dmail has wrong fetch-url --> content fetching does not work

Johannes Konert johannes at konert.de
Thu Dec 22 18:55:08 CET 2005

Hello list-members,
Using direct_mail configuration and all available tutorials, I still
cannot figure out, why dmail cannot fetch the content of a newsletter.
The wired thing is (taken from backend-page of dmail):
   Fetching the mail content
   You're about to read the url with the mail-content from these URL's:

   PLAIN: http://jindex.php?id=41&type=99
   HTML: http://jindex.php?id=41

This of course throws a php fetch()-exception (URL does not exist).
mod.web_modules.dmail.long_link_rdct_url=http://jeykey.de/index.php in
the page-header of the page containing direct_mail does not change it.
How can I make the broken link work??? (and where is http://j comming
from?) Thanks for your help.


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