[Typo3] getting .js variable to TS?

Allan Jacobsen allan.jacobsen at tips.dk
Thu Dec 22 09:40:15 CET 2005

I can't think of a way this would be possible, as the .js is executed in the browser after the whole webpage is sent from the server, and this is a bit late to do anything with typoscript.
Perhaps you could do something like AJAX, if the javascript finds flash missing it sends a request to the server for an alternative menu etc.

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Emne: [Typo3] getting .js variable to TS?

I would like to add flash-navigation menu on the page, but I also want 
to check if user have proper flash version -> if not -> add text-based menu.
I can check flash version, but dont know how to use this info:
page.5000.wrap = <scrip!>document.write(flash.version);</script>

is it possible to get that "flash.version" variable in use when 
constructing template:
[if flash.version >= 6]
subparts.navigation < temp.flashmenu
subparts.navigation < temp.textmenu
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