[Typo3] typoscript:wrap problems

tapio tapio.markula at dnainternet.net
Wed Dec 21 15:45:52 CET 2005

bamba thiam wrote:
> Can someone help me please!!
> I can't find a solution.
> 2005/12/12, bamba thiam <mbthiam at gmail.com>:
>>Hello,the code  below contains php,html and javascript.
>>Only the bold text ($uid) is dynamic so in php...
>>My question is how to wrap this code with typoscript?
>>The link is represented by a picture is showed below.
>>I can get the $uid

in order to get field info you need dataWrap + some other
wrap to terminate the start tag of dataWrap

   NO = 1
   NO.allWrap.dataWrap = <div id="link{field:uid}">|

+ some other wrap, which has the termination tag.
{field:uid} gets the uid.

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