[Typo3] Page Browser with TypoScript

Jo Schneider typo3listmember at typo3cms.info
Tue Dec 20 13:33:20 CET 2005

Jochen Rieger wrote:

>Hi Jo,
>have a look at cag_pagebrowser.
>It is TypoScript only:
>You can easily leave out the additional page type and just take the 
>typocript that is shipped by the static template.
Sorry, here is a more clearly descr. of my prob:

I read via TS (CONTENT, RECORDS) rows from a table of my own EXT. I do 
not want to list all 251 rows, but only 20. No problem to generate the 
buttons like "Prvious 20" / "Next 20", but how could I use TS to ask 
dynamically something like in SQL "LIMIT 20,20"?

One idea was to change the Where-clause like this:
select {
    where = uid > 40 bzw.
    andWhere = uid < 60
But my rows will be sorted for different views. So I think this will not 
work, will it?

Anybody got an idea?

Best wishes!

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