[Typo3] Collapse menu tree except active subdirectory

Tyler Kraft headhunterxiii at yahoo.ca
Tue Dec 20 00:10:14 CET 2005


with some good use of css and a well constructed tmenu eaasily achievable.

Scott Ott wrote:
> I'm creating a website that has several dozen websites in subdirectories 
> within it. They'll share a single URL (although I would prefer 
> subdomains to subdirectories, that can get pricey.)
> I would like the menu tree in the left margin to expand for only a 
> single subsite at a time--the rest of the menu displaying only the top 
> level. The site is three layers down in the tree. Like this...
> Main
>  > Subsites
>  >> State
>  >>> Subsite Home
>  >>>>About Us
>  >>>>Contact
>  >>>>Directions
>  >>>>Etc.
> When a particular Subsite Home is active, I want the other states and 
> subsites to be invisible, so it the menu would show ...
> Main
>  >Subsites
>  >> State X
>  >>>Subsite Home Y
>  >>>>About Us Y
>  >>>>Contact Y
>  >>>>Directions Y
>  >>>>Etc. Y
> Is this an issue within the CSS of the template that I'm using, or can I 
> configure it in Typo3 BE admin.
> Thank You,
> Scott Ott

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