[Typo3] typo3 and project management

Dimitri Tarassenko mitka at mitka.us
Sun Dec 18 21:58:32 CET 2005


On 12/18/05, Michael Ott <michael at zolnott.de> wrote:
> > > I want to manage project using typo3. I want to use the frontend and not
> > > the backend to manage this
> > Okay that's fine. But what is your problem?
> I use egroupware and i want a tool like egroupware integrated in TYPO3
> And i wnat to know whether something like this is integrated

You are probably looking at a wring tool to do the job. If your
project is a software development project, you neet to be looking for
online collaboration tools like PHPCollab or my personal favourite
Trac from Edgewall Software - http://www.edgewall.com/trac/ . There
are also commercial alternatives such as collab.net and SourceForge
and the likes for open source projects.

If you pick Trac and need any help with it - email me off the list. I
am currently managing 2 development projects with it and so far I am
VERY pleased with it.

TYPO3 is just not the tool for the job - you theoretically CAN manage
projects using MS Word or Excel but MS Project is much better tool for
it. Most of the online collaboration tools (I used TUTOS, which is
similar to egroupware) are too big to merge them with a CMS and many
people plainly don't see a reason to.

Dimitri Tarassenko

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