[Typo3] rollover on gifbuilder objects possible? (not gmenu)

"Rafael Schär [beYou media]" typo3 at beyoumedia.com
Sun Dec 18 18:08:05 CET 2005


thnx a lot peter, i didn't success with that.
I found in this case another way. I did it with opacity because it is a 
black/ grey menu. (little fakey) :)

Anyway thnx a lot


Peter Klein wrote:
> Hi Rafael. Gifbuilder has no rollover state, but you could write a small 
> userfunction for HMENU, to transfer the tt_address records to the menuarray. 
> Then you can use GMENU to make rollover states..
> There's an example on how to create 'fake menus' at the bottom of this 
> page..
> http://typo3.org/documentation/document-library/doc_core_tsref/HMENU/
> ---

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