[Typo3] IFRAME - how to make src the current page?

Bernhard Kraft kraftb at kraftb.at
Sat Dec 17 14:30:22 CET 2005

Nige wrote:
> What I want is the window to stay a fixed size and scrollbars to appear
> where the content is too long...so I thought I'd use an IFRAME.

I would solve this using CSS. Have a look at the "overflow: hidden" property
of DIV tag's. If the content get's too long you get scrollbars ... And you
wont need all those frame-stuff in T3.

> page.wrap = <table class="tablemainpage"><tr><td
> class="tdmainpage"><IFRAME src=???? height=600 width=800><div
> class="divmainpage">|</div></IFRAME></td></tr></table>
> My problem is how do I refer the src= statement in the IFRAME tag to the
> current page?

If you do that (Link to the exactly same page) you will get a endless loop
(Because in the iframe a page get's opened with an iframe in the middle which opens
a page with an iframe in the middle .... you get the point)

you would need to have differen "type=" values and have one just outputting the
iframe and the other just the content ...

but believe me ... css is the way to go.

have a look at one side i made which seems to match you requirements:


"Franchise" or "About us"


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