[Typo3] conditionnal output and TemplaVoila

Grégory Duchesnes gregory at icilalune.com
Sat Dec 17 11:43:18 CET 2005

Hi all,

I found tons of examples of conditionnol output with classical border 
system. Among those examples is the one found in the FAQ here :
(entitled "Display a content only if it is not empty and wrap it into a 
table" in case above link is broken")

Though i couldn't find any example of the same thing done with 
TemplaVoila (and believe me i've been searching hard for the last 2 weeks).

Here is what i'm trying to do :
I have a div in my HTML corresponding to an optionnal content, i'd like 
this div to be completely removed when no content is present. I tried 
the following logic :

- map my div as OUTER
- changed the DS xml typoscript this way :

  10.tables = tt_content
  10.wrap = <div id="optionnal_content"> | </div>
  10.ifEmpty {
    wrap =

And of course it doesn't work :(. I also tried other variants based on 
isTrue without success.
Is there a way to do this with TemplaVoilan (even simpler than that)?

Interest of this method is that the editor doesn't have to bother about 
changing the template if he needs to add an optionnal content 
(furthermore he might not be entitled to change the template)

Thanks for your help, i'm really considering to switch back to classical 
borderstyle templates because of that and that would be a shame.

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