[Typo3] [TYPO3-templavoila] TemplaVoila 1.0 beta in CVS!

Robert Lemke robert at typo3.org
Fri Dec 16 12:30:46 CET 2005

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Hi folks,

finally ... I have committed my current developement version of TemplaVoila
to the typo3xdev CVS at SourceForge. Apart from some planned minor fixes
and maybe a migration wizard this is likely the 1.0 beta version.

You are all invited to test the new version and give your feedback. Please
post your comments to the typo3.projects.templavoila list. In order to test
the CVS version of TemplaVoila you need a recent version of TYPO3 3.9.0dev
too (with workspaces support).

A big part of the development has been sponsored by the TYPO3 Association
and I would like to say thank you to all our supporting members who made
this project possible. Apart from the sponsored work, I have invested many
hours and nightshifts into the development of TemplaVoila which have not
been paid by any client. This can be tough at times and I'd like to
encourage you supporting me [1] if you want to enable me working on such
projects in the future.

[1] http://robertlemke.de/en/home/support-me.html

Finally, you find the most important changes below. "+" => I added
something, "-" I removed something, "~" I changed something, "#" I fixed a
bug, "!!!" important changes.

I'm curious about your feedback!


 ~ !!! Did a major refactoring of the xmlrelhndl class! This class is now
deprecated and not used within TemplaVoila anymore. Use tx_templavoila_api
instead. With the new API only table "tt_content" is allowed for elements -
in fact that was almost the case in the past but it might break your
specific use of TV!
 ~ Raised dependencies to TYPO3 > 3.9.0
 ~ Did a major refactoring of the page module (mod1/index.php). Some
functions are now located in other classes.
 ~ Moved the localization part of the sidebar into its own class
 ~ Converted all locallang files to the XML format
 ~ New Page Template Data Structures will have langDisable = 0 by default
 + Created a new class "tx_templavoila_api". This class provides a new API
for other extensions and core hooks. It is fully unit tested and replaces
 + Added new features into tx_templavoila_tcemain: The sorting field is now
automatically updated so it reflects the TV flexform order. It is now
possible to move and create records with standard TCEmain requests (eg.
with the List module or the classic Page Module!)
 + Added integration into the standard TYPO3 clipboard. You can now cut,
edit, paste records from the list module to the TV page module and vice
versa. This should work everywhere, where the clipboard is available
 + Added support for workspaces to new content element wizard.
 + Added a new Tag for the field section in a data structure:
<oldStyleColumnNumber> allows you to connect a field to a column position
number so the list module (and others) can guess where to reference new
content elements in your page template. (See manual)
 + Added full support for workspaces internally - but some parts of the UI
are not workspaces aware yet. Included several unit tests to make sure
workspaces support works.
 + Created a new class for rendering the different doktype screens (for
sysfolder, mount points etc.)
 + Added new EType "RTE" as a preset in the mapping tool
 - Removed configuration for disabling the Template Selector because the TCA 
are neccessary for FE editing and depended on that configuration
 - !!! Removed support for rules from the page module. Evaluation of rules
never really worked and - if needed - have to me implemented again, but
 - !!! Removed support for creating default elements. Based on rules engine
(see above)
 - !!! Removed hook "renderFrameWork_preProcessOutput" in the page module
because too many things have changed in the rendering process.
 - Removed TSconfig option "enableCElocalizationInfo". The localization
information can now be switched on and off by a checkbox in the
localization tab of the sidebar.
 - Removed pi2 - data sources won't be implemented in TemplaVoila, an
extension "datasources" exists for that purpose.
 - Removed mod3 - Element references will be handled by TYPO3 4.0 core
 # Fixed a number of bugs by creating the new API
 # Fixed localization handling
 # Fixed issue #0000802: Copy / paste nested structures from one language to
another does not work like expected
 # Fixed issue #0000917: Adding content using the create new CE wizard in
the page tree has strange behaviour
 # Fixed issue #0001087: Fatal Error open storage folder
 # Fixed issue #0001334: 0001334: It's not possible to preset tt_content
fields in User TSConfig when using TemplaVoila. (Also related to creating
pages and content elements with TemplaVoila in general)
 + Fixed issue #0001498: Missing "Edit translation header icon/button"
 + Fixed issue #0000714: Usability issue with content elements (Template
Object selector)
 + Fixed issue #0001483: FCE preview in page module does not display
sections/containers - Now basic support for displaying SC/CO is implemented
 + Fixed issue #0001858: Clear cache button is not available in TemplaVoila
page module - A cache menu is now located in the "Advanced functions" tab
 # Fixed issue #0000499: hide content element wizard when only fc-elements
are in use / hide category headings in "Create new content element" wizard
 + Fixed issue #0001499: Show content from this page instead does not work.
Also added support for many other doktypes
 # Fixed issue #0001950: remove items from content wizzard which are not
allowed for the current user
 + Fixed issue #0001760: Hide content elements when they are not mapped in
the TO from the Page module 
 ~ Updated manual
 # Added some hints to the manual
 # Added TypoScript option "plugin.tx_templavoila_pi1.disableErrorMessages".
See issue #0001412
 # Fixed issue #0001463: FCE rendering does not process LLL for type=select
 # Fixed issue #0000713: stdWrap in DS XML produces "a call on non-object"
PHP error
 # Fixed issue #0000450: DS/TO Category selectorbox accepts empty category
 # Fixed issue #0001422: UTF-8 Support missing. The mapping tool now handles
special characters and character encoding correctly.
 # Fixed issue #0000604: DS interface writes incorrect XML when switching
type of elements 
 # Fixed issue #0000876: Added support for FIELDSET, LEGEND and LABEL
 # Fixed issue #0000219: Added support for THEAD, TBODY and TH
 # Fixed issue #0000393: Wrong parameter count for implode() in side bar
(language selection). PHP4 < 4.3 had this problem
 # Fixed issue #0000749: Content Element wizard Flexible content is empty!
- -> Added FCEs to the new content element wizard.
 # Fixed issue #0001429: Incorrect image reference when using img:attr:src
 # Fixed issue #0000454: edit DS (mapping) in TV looses header part.
 # Fixed issue #0001669: Import from HTML file: image paths not converted
for CSS background-image. -> This is solved in t3lib_parsehtml !
 # Fixed issue #0001052: TemplaVoila doens't allow html elements inside
elements who's attributes are mapped. Thanks to Bernhard Kraft for
providing a patch!
 # Fixed issue #0000087: cannot map to elements with ids that contain spaces
 + Added staging support for workspaces (t3ver_stage)

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Robert Lemke
TYPO3 Association - Research & Development
Member of the board

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