[Typo3] TV-Mappings damaged after change to UTF-8

Dirk Völlger forums at thebiketour.net
Fri Dec 16 00:53:03 CET 2005


I have encountered ver strange problems with TV-Mappings after I changed
my Database to UTF-8.

I did the following:

First, i dumped my Database ( mysqldump dbname > dbname.sql)

To recode, I used the little helper -recode-:
   recode LATIN1..UTF8 copy_of_dbname.sql

I cleaned the existing tables and copied the recoded database back in.

Since that, all TV-Mappings have disappeared. I always had this phenomen
so I thought, ok, back to work: MAPPING.. (Thats comfortable in the
beginning, but weird if you have a huge project)

The problem now is, that even mapping is not possible anymore. All the
maps that worked fine until now, allways produce errors...

Anyone with the same experience?

I am on Debian Sarge, Mysql 4.1.11-Debian_4sarge2-log


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