[Typo3] Document management?

ben van 't ende [netcreators] ben at netcreators.nl
Fri Dec 16 00:06:37 CET 2005

Erika Bjune wrote:
> Hi list,
> I've been scouring the extensions area for functionality that will let
> me add information to a document such that it can be categorized and
> grouped. I'm needing to duplicate the functionality found on this page:
> http://www.communityclinics.org/section/library/  
> This mechanism allows visitors to select grouped documents from
> pull-down menus organized into Topics and Issues. I realize there may be
> some customization involved here, but I'm hoping someone can point me to
> an extension or technique that will get me closer to figuring this out
> (the converted site is coming together here:
> http://cci.communityclinics.org/index.php?id=105)
> Thanks in advance for any insights and ideas!

Hi Erika,

Just do a search here: http://typo3.org/extensions/repository/search/

with the keyword 'dam' Digital Asset Management

That is your solution!


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