[Typo3] Cannot add new pages

Michael Nardell mnardell at teconline.com
Thu Dec 15 18:39:25 CET 2005

Thanks Rudy! :: Yes, 2147483647 is a big number. If I had taken the time 
to do a calculation before posting I would have realized that it is 2 
raised to the 31.

Clearly I have not created that many pages. So my follow-up questions are:

1) Is there some error in my implementation that caused the indexing of 
pages to explode to such a large number (i.e. has anyone ever encounterd 
this problem before)

2) Is there anything I can do to repair the indexing in my pages 
database. It seems that I would need to re-assign the uid for the pages 
in the page table. I would also need to re-assign any tables that 
reference the uid in the pages table.

3) One final note: I am working with a prototype of a website. Ideally I 
could fix things in this prototype. Mostly I would like to learn how to 
fix this is problem should it ever occur in a production release. Or 
make it so that this never happens again.

> Hello Mike,
> 2147483647 is the limit of an INT value in MySQL.
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>>Onderwerp: [Typo3] Cannot add new pages
>>I have run into a problem: I am not able to add new pages to the Typo
> site
>>am experimenting with. It seems when ever I try to add a new page I
> get
>>following error:
>>2:SQL error: Duplicate entry '2147483647' for key1
>>I can remove the record for the page where uid= '2147483647'. And I am
>>to add one page when that record has been deleted. Is 2147483647 a
> limit
>>with the indexing of pages? Or could it be that the idex is not
> advancing
>>for some other reason.
>>Some particulars about my implementation:
>>Typo3 ver 3.8 running on Windows XP
>>mysql version 4.0.15
>>I have a quite a few Typo3 Extensions running; I am using the
> TemplaVoila
>>Extension, and this problem with the limitation in adding new pages
> seemed
>>to occur after I did some work with the Versioning Extension.
>>Thanks for any help
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