Re: [Typo3] сыр and locallang.xml

Dimitri Tarassenko mitka at
Tue Dec 13 21:44:01 CET 2005

On 12/13/05, Dmitrii Dimandt <dmitriid at> wrote:

> :))) I have a tool that automatically converts cyrillic to latin and
> vice versa. It fails occasionally on abbreviations. So, csh is an
> invalid word in English (too many consonants stuck together) whereas
> сыр is consonant+vowel+consonant (an, incidentally, a valid Russian
> word meaning cheese). So, I didn't pay attention and the posted сыр
> instead of csh. :)) So it's a bug in my side, not on yours :))

Phew. I was wondering what cheese has got to do with locallang;)))

Dimitri Tarassenko

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