Re: [Typo3] сыр and locallang.xml

Dmitrii Dimandt dmitriid at
Tue Dec 13 17:52:36 CET 2005

> Dmitrii Dimandt schrieb:
> > automatically writes translations to a сыр folder. Or so it says....
> Why do I read a "сыр" folder in your mail?
> Did you use wrong chars or is that a bug in my thunderbird.

:))) I have a tool that automatically converts cyrillic to latin and
vice versa. It fails occasionally on abbreviations. So, csh is an
invalid word in English (too many consonants stuck together) whereas
сыр is consonant+vowel+consonant (an, incidentally, a valid Russian
word meaning cheese). So, I didn't pay attention and the posted сыр
instead of csh. :)) So it's a bug in my side, not on yours :))

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