[Typo3] Exec() function disabled PLS URGENT

mario chiari.hm at flashnet.it
Mon Dec 12 17:46:37 CET 2005


my host was under hacker attack, and he disabled exec(). 
He is asking me for a work around.
Looking around, I find the sugestion below. My questiosn are:
does it work? is there any other trick?

Grateful for your time.
holiday greetings

On Sun, 2004-10-31 at 10:06, Jens Doka wrote:
> Hi Emile,
> > I have a problem with my new hosting company. They disabled the php
> > exec() function, which seems to be essential in the processing of
> > images, in Typo3.
> I had the same issue with all-inkl.com in Germany. The Solution was to write
> the following line in an .htaccess-file in the root directory to activate
> PHP as CGI:
> AddHandler php-fastcgi .php .php4
> Then log out of the system, clear all session cookies and log in again and
> image processing should work again. Hope that works for you as well.
> Regards
> Jens

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