[Typo3] Starting page set per domain

Rudy Gnodde gnodde.rudy at wag.nl
Mon Dec 12 14:14:13 CET 2005


We are trying to set up one site with different domain names. Depending
on the domain name it has to start at a different page. The page tree
looks something like this:

1. Home
2. Products
 2.1 Product 1
 2.2 Product 2
 2.3 Product 3
3. Contact

One domain has to go to 1, another to 2.1, another to 2.2, etc. The
entire site does have to be accessible from each domain, without
switching domains. I have tried it with domain records, but then I can't
access the rest of the site. Is there a way to do this?

Met vriendelijke groet, 
Rudy Gnodde

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