[Typo3] Problems with Image Properties and RTE

Amir M. amir219 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Dec 12 06:40:54 CET 2005

Yann SADOK wrote:
> Amir M. a écrit :
>> The problem as you can see here:
>> http://www.stratcommandcenter.com/redesign/rome-total-war/general/overview/ 
>> Is with the border and the margin.  I applied a margin of 5 pixels to 
>> the left and right of the image, however instead of pushing away the 
>> text 5 pixels, it pushes the border.
> In your css, the one you created for your rtehtmlarea, create classes :
> one .imgleft a:link .... and
> one .imgright a:link.....
> with border and padding and so.
> When you have an image in your rte, apply this class only. And don't 
> apply margin from the rtehtmlarea image popup.
> Yann

Yes, I have been trying this for the past 2 hours and no luck. :(  I 
followed what it sayed in the documentation regarding the root Page's 
TS, I changed the css file, put in the css code, etc.

This is my root page TS:

RTE.default.showButtons = *
RTE.default.contentCSS = fileadmin/templates/rte_styles.css
RTE.config.tableName.columnName.showButtons  = *
RTE.config.tt_content.bodytext.showButtons  = *

RTE.default.classesImage = .floatLeft

Nothing happend.

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