[Typo3] getting TT_content fields within TV-FCE via typoscript

Andreas Jonderko anj2j at yahoo.de
Sat Dec 10 11:38:47 CET 2005


In FCE definition:

I make an Attribute mapped it to the href=# of my link and set the 
Editing type to Link Field.

Now i can choose in the BE a page / external link or a file and make a 
Link to it.

But i want to choose a User or just a record.

i saw the part:

is this the solution? i changed it to mode=db and i could choose records 
but with an error occuring that my parent/child window target is not set 
properly. hmm ... have no more ideas :/


Nikolas Hagelstein schrieb:
> Hi,
>> Do you maybe know how to choose a User or Record from a link field in 
>> a FCE?
> Sorry could you please provide more detailed information on what exactly 
> you
> need?
> cheers,
>     Nikolas

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