[Typo3] getting TT_content fields within TV-FCE via typoscript

Andreas Jonderko anj2j at yahoo.de
Sat Dec 10 11:16:33 CET 2005

Hallo Nikolas!

i have quite the same problem i want to list my FCEs from my childpages 
recursively, i solved it through an extension. -> listflexcontent.

but this one is also very helpfully for me, thx. Is it possible to get 
them recursively through TS?

Do you maybe know how to choose a User or Record from a link field in a FCE?


Nikolas Hagelstein schrieb:
> Hi,
> finally i solved it:
> putting this in you "main template"
> lib.test=LOAD_REGISTER lib.test {
>    uid.field=uid    }
> tt_content.templavoila_pi1.10< lib.test
> makes tt_content fields avaible within your
> DS via :
> 10=TEXT
> 10.data=register:uid
> Hope this helps,
>                Nikolas

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