[Typo3] Spell Check Question

Michael Nardell mnardell at teconline.com
Sat Dec 10 00:15:56 CET 2005

Greetings :: I am interested in adding spell check functionality to the my 
Typo3 CMS. I  downloaded and installed the Spellchecker Wizard and the spell 
checking services extensions.

I see that the spell checking icon appears (a,b,c with checkmark)  next to 
text input fields for the page. When I launch the spell checker by clicking 
this icon, the dialog box reports that there are no errors found, when there 
are clearly errors. (For instance I have selected en as my language, and I 
do not get any spelling errors found on a piece of lorem ipsum text)

Nor sure if there is some configuration I missed. Also, looking for any 
documentation that would be usefull for managing this extension.

I am using Typo3 v 3.8 with the TemplaVoila extension.


Michael Nardell

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