[Typo3] Can somebody PLEASE show me how to get a searchbox

Øyvind Frøland oyvind at uniweb.no
Fri Dec 9 10:24:49 CET 2005

If you want a searchbox, and want help from this list, I suggest you 
follow the guidelines: search the archive before posting - your question 
has already been answered several times there. Good luck! If you run 
into problems, please refer to specific details and you will get help  - 
if you want the job done by someone else for you, I suggest you hire a 
payed consultant.

TIP: there are several plugins available for your need - search the 
extension repository, read the documentation, and figure out what 
extension best suit your needs. If you post your specific needs here you 
might also get help with just that.

Also - there is no need, or room, for sarcasm in this list.

Dirk Völlger wrote:

>Am Freitag, den 09.12.2005, 09:37 +0200 schrieb Dmitry Dulepov:
>>Why don't you use Google?
>What an answer! Very nice! I have the same problems, on typo3.org there
>is no documentation on indexed_search and using google does not always
>help. My question to you, Dimitry: Why do you use mailinglists, if you
>have google?

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