[Typo3] German article on IX about Typo3 4.0

Johannes Reichardt mailbox at gramba.net
Thu Dec 8 14:25:27 CET 2005

Hi Michael
> 1. That's really old news.

Didnt know, just saw it

> 2. Why do you post this in -english? Isn't it enough that -offtopic is 
> already mostly German?

I was so excited :) - and i dunno the german list

> 3. The article just summarizes the roadmap and some 3.8 features, 
> nothing new or exciting. It's basically only a three-page advertisement 
> for TYPO3, I wonder why the ix people published such an 'article' at all.

Dunno, maybe to make people use Typo3 - i think its nice, also the 
summarize was quite interesting since i often loose focus when i crawl 
myself for news.

> Cheers,


- Johannes

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