[Typo3] Templates question

Damir Dezeljin programing at mbss.org
Thu Dec 8 10:06:45 CET 2005


>> How can I find a template that is used for a certain page. I selected
>> 'Template' from the left menu, afterwards I clicked on the page from the
>> Web hierarchy menu. When this is done, the 'No template' is displayed on
>> the 'Template Tools' frame. This page can be viewed so I'm guessing it
>> is asociated with some other template, however the template I get by
>> clicking to 'Go to closest page with template' is not the correct one.
> It inherits the template from the root line.
It may seems strange, however I'm preatty sure the template on the root 
line is not the correct one as I modified it, flushed both caches and the 
target page didn't change, however another page (the page that is using 
this template) changed.

Any additional idea?

Best regards,

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