[Typo3] export to static html

Patrick Gaumond patrick at typo3quebec.org
Thu Dec 8 02:10:58 CET 2005

Matthew Manderson wrote:

> One option to consider already discussed on this list in the past is:
> 1) realurl to get the .html suffix.

Just simulatestatic is enough for this. Depend of your needs...

> 2) httrack to grab a static copy of the whole live website.
> 3) rsync to copy the httrack generated pages to a live server.

HTTrak can directly copy the pages remotely at least over a windows 
share. That's the way it was run for almost 2 years on my first TYPO3 

> 4) You could cron steps 2 & 3 to automatically update a live server.

> I would like to see this feature in TYPO3 by default. It would help people
> develop locally on a M$ PC and then 'upload' to cheap hosts as well as
> difficult hosts where space and bandwith and speed are critical issues.
> There are of issues with dynamic elements so it always depends on your
> project.

Don't forget the new DKD tools (4 extensions):

I didn't had time to test them but this looks like quite a solid foundation.


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