[Typo3] Conditional wrap

Øyvind Frøland oyvind at uniweb.no
Wed Dec 7 15:47:18 CET 2005

Solved the problem with a little php:

in pi1/class.tx_newloginbox_pi1.php:

return $this->pi_wrapInBaseClass($content); ---> $tmpreturn = "<div 
class='menyerramme'><div class='menyer'>" . 
$this->pi_wrapInBaseClass($content) . "</div></div>";

The result is nifty loginboxes :D

For developers/future reference: the wrap of content should ALWAYS be 
customizable - not like this: "return 
$this->pi_wrapInBaseClass($content);". I cannot see how this is helpful 
to users anymore - a better way to do this is to have every plugin 
developed with a possibility to define the (base)wrap. Many CSS-features 
now arising require several divs/classes - not just one.

Øyvind Frøland wrote:

>Greetings list,
>I am trying to wrap the new loginbox in a couple of div-containers (in 
>order to generate a nifty-corners-layout), but cannot seem to find a 
>working solution:
>"<div class="tx-newloginbox-pi1">...</div>"  --->  "<div 
>class="something"><div class="somethingelse"><div 
>I have also searched the source-code of the newloginbox-plugin, but 
>cannot seem to find where the <div class="tx-newloginbox-pi1">-tag is 
>Need help :)
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