[Typo3] News record appearing in different news list and cache not being cleared (SOLVED)

Ricardo Scachetti Pereira ricardo at tdwg.org
Wed Dec 7 14:55:32 CET 2005

    Who-hoo!! That one was easy!
    Thanks a million, Dmitry!!


Dmitry Dulepov wrote:

>Ricardo Scachetti Pereira wrote:
>>   I'm developing a Typo3 website that supports several different
>>working groups in an organization. Each group has its own subpage, with
>>its own news items.
>>   I want to put a site wide news list in the homepage to display all
>>news items from all working groups. For that I'm setting the starting
>>point to the website root and setting Recursive to Infinite. However,
>>when a news record is created in a subgroup page, it is not displayed in
>>the homepage because its cache is not cleared. The working group page
>>updates correctly, though.
>>   How can I get the homepage cache to be cleared when a news item is
>>added anywere in the website?
>You will need to edit page header for all pages with news. Put this to
>TSconfig of those pages:
>	TCEMAIN.clearCacheCmd = root-pid
>where root-pid is the UID of the root of your site. This will clear
>cache for root page when anything on news pages is modified.
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