[Typo3] Adding new field in tt_content

Papis papiseckfr at yahoo.fr
Wed Dec 7 14:28:12 CET 2005

Hi All,
  thank Dmtry,
  I get the point to how of how to use kickstater to make extension.
  But my new problem is how can I do to stop typo making automatic join between page table and my added table.
  I explain if i insert a  values in my foreign table  without  any related pid (or pid =0) , I do not see this values in the select  box in the backend page.
  I realise that typo does an automatic join on page id, or i want to  displays the same values in the select box despite were I'am (on page)
  Thanks a lot

Dmitry Dulepov <typo3 at fm-world.ru> a écrit :  Hi!

Papis wrote:
>   Cant not see value in kickstarter  if i edit  TYPO3 CMS Frontend (TypoScript)
>   extension and then if i use  kickstarter i will be oblige to make a news extension.
>   I Just want to modifier the backend form for tt_content, dont know if it is possible?

You need to change $TCA for it and add columns. Extension is the best,
easiest and official way to go. You need not to do "Frontend plugin" for
it (pi1), just "Generic frontend" will do. Extension will ensure that
table is updated properly.

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