[Typo3] Language selector extension misconfigured

Ricardo Scachetti Pereira ricardo at tdwg.org
Wed Dec 7 13:25:05 CET 2005

    Thanks Patrick,

    My TS config is working fine.

    But I found what the problem was. Extension sr_static_info was 
failing to install. It was timing out. So then the required tables, 
including static_languages, weren't being populated. I increased the 
time out value (in php.ini: max_execution_time = 90) and reinstalled 
sr_static_tables, sr_static_info, and sr_language_menu, created new 
website language records, and added some content in that language. It 
all worked fine!!

    Well, almost, I have one last problem. The language selection menu 
only links to the right language page if I turn off realurl. With that 
turned off, I get the correct &L=5 parameter in the URL. With RealURL 
on, nothing happens.

    Anyway, I'll clear the caches and look for a RealURL configuration 
for language selection extension.

    Thanks for all your help!!


Patrick Rodacker wrote:

>Hi Ricardo,
>Ricardo Scachetti Pereira wrote on 06.12.2005 19:27:
>>   I get to see the selector on every page alright, but I can't get it
>>to change the website language to the 2nd language (the only one other
>>than the default one) properly. I have created a Website Language record
>>named Brazilian Portuguese, but the selector shows DK as a second language.
>Do you have configured your TS Template correctly to support
>multilingual websites? If not, have a look at [1] part 2 step 6.
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