[Typo3] Problem with a directory ending with a "."

Juha Sipinen juha.sipinen at kolumbus.fi
Sat Dec 3 00:05:59 CET 2005

I created a directory inside TYPO3 (File -> Filelist), a directory that ends
with a period (.)
The directory is "Milk_Inc."
Now the problems are:
1. I can't upload files into it because it says "Target was not a
2. I can't rename it because "Target
"/var/www/public_html/fileadmin/Milk_Inc" was neither a directory nor a
Note that the error message displays it WITHOUT the "." character.  However,
my FTP program proves the directory is there with the "." character.
3. I can't delete it inside TYPO3 because "Target seemed not to be a
directory! (Shouldn't happen here!)"
4. I can't remove it with my FTP program because TYPO3 software now owns the
rights to the "Milk_Inc." directory.
So, what can I do to get rid of the directory?  There should've been a
warning NOT to make a directory ending with a period.  There can be "."
characters in the middle of the directory name but NOT as the last

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