[Typo3] Cannot Select Text on Page (Bug?)

JoH info at cybercraft.de
Fri Dec 2 00:42:14 CET 2005

> In Internet Explorer, I am having problems, aswell as a couple other
> testers, with selecting/highlighting text on the page.  Its almost
> impossible to select one letter.
> In Firefox it works fine, however the problem is with Internet
> Explorer and my Typo3 page.
> Is this a bug?  Or is it fixable?

Hi, Asanamirlita.

I'm sorry to say that after 8 months of struggling with your redesign the
bug is still inside your HTML code.
First thing I found myself is a missing closing bracket for the div tag
surrounding your "welcome" section.

This one found a "few" more bugs

Maybe you should check your HTML templates and/or TS wraps again and then
retry ...


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