[Typo3] A super-template problem (migrating to typo3 from another application9

seml at symbulos.com seml at symbulos.com
Thu Dec 1 20:03:43 CET 2005

Dear friends,

we have an application we would like to substitute with 
typo3. The problem is that this application works as a cms, 
but in a complex way (but quite efficient)

Each page is generated using a combination / hierarchy of 
different templates. 

The page is divided into 5 sections:
- the header (always the same)
- the right column (with changing menus)
- the centre column, with the content
- the right column (with changing boxes)
- the footer (always the same)

Now the header and footer are static.

The left menu and right box are generated dynamically. When 
a specific box is called, then the template of the box is 
called, the content is called separately, assembled on the 
fly, put on the right place on the page.

It is more or less like having a super - template, made of 
different blocks, each block having its own series of 
templates, that can be called on demand for producing a 
specific page. the supertemplate only says where the blocks 
go on the page, and the size of the blocks. Each block then 
needs one of more template for placing different content. 
For instance in the right column block there is once a 
block with news, once a block with a submenu, once a block 
with contacts, once a text block with a slogan. the block 
is always same size, same position.

Can we do the same in typo3?

Thanks in advance.


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