[Typo3] "Page is being generated" Message.

Ries van Twisk typo3 at rvt.dds.nl
Thu Dec 1 16:32:23 CET 2005


1) check if caching is enabled on your site
2) Check if you have any 'slow' extentions enabled (extentions that 
disable caching at all, or are slow due to the amouth of work it needs 
to do)
3) what HW are you running on?
4) Use eaccelerator or simular tools
5) Enable query caching on mysql


>Hi all
>I have the problem that the message "Page is being generated" comes  
>up many times when access my sites.
>And the pages does not appear, i try to reload and nothing happens.
>Any body here would know what happens.
>What i do to solve this problem?
>Thanks for any help.
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