[Typo3] accessibility and typo3

Erik Svendsen erik at linnearad.no
Thu Dec 1 12:34:10 CET 2005

Hello Vittoria,

> Hi everybody!!
> What do you know about accessibility and Typo3?
> I'm italian and I'm studying Typo3 because I'll graduating in
> telecommunication engineering in 16 of December.
> Do you know if typo3 changes something in coding when I install an
> extension??

At first check this paper from the TYCON3 conference "A practical approach 
to creating accessible websites with TYPO3" http://tycon3.typo3.org/speakers.html.

And it's possible to make sites accessible with TYPO3. Not straight out of 
the box, but with using the extensions made for accessebility. You also need 
to make new templates for some other extensions, and even do some small changes 
in code or TS. Some extensions are more difficult to change, depending on 
how they are made. Extensions with a separate template (html or tmpl), are 
quite easy to make accessible.

Yes, TYPO3 change the output coding when you install an extension, but only 
for the part of the page where the extension makes output. But if the extensions 
template are coded with accessebility in mind, it's not a problem.

But as you see if you look at my company pages (link under my name), the 
frontpage should get WAI-AAA (tested with Cyntia Says). Not every page is 
perfect yet. 

I'm using TV to map the HTML-template, and the extensions CSS styled IMGtext, 
Gov textmenu, Accessible Menus and Accessibility Glossary to help making 
pages accessible.

Hope this give you something to start with.

I suppose the version 4.0 of TYPO3 will be better, because the rendering 
of HTML will be better.

Erik Svendsen

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