[Typo3] OT: Who is interested in a TemplaVoila seminar?

Robert Lemke robert at typo3.org
Thu Dec 1 09:47:02 CET 2005

Hi Dmitry,

Dmitry Dulepov wrote:

> I am interested to participate but it will depend on my workload at that
> moment.

Hey, you maybe know more about TemplaVoila than I ;-)

>> The version 1.0 mainly consists of dozens of bug fixes and improvements
>> under the hood and - interesting for the PHP devlopers among us - a
>> complete API for other extensions who'd like to play around with
>> TemplaVoila features.
> Well, I am using the same approach as mininews does in a number of my
> extensions. Is there any other API? Do you have docs for it already?

No, I'll write the documention end of December or in January. But here's a
list of (public) functions:

   insertElement ($destinationPointer, $elementRow)
   insertElement_createRecord ($destinationPointer, $row)
   insertElement_setElementReferences ($destinationPointer, $uid)
   moveElement ($sourcePointer, $destinationPointer)
   moveElement_setElementReferences ($sourcePointer, $destinationPointer)
   copyElement ($sourcePointer, $destinationPointer, $copySubElements =
   localizeElement ($sourcePointer, $languageKey)
   referenceElement ($sourcePointer, $destinationPointer)
   referenceElementByUid ($uid, $destinationPointer)
   unlinkElement ($sourcePointer)
   deleteElement ($sourcePointer)

   flexform_getValidPointer ($flexformPointer)
   flexform_getPointerFromString ($flexformPointerString)
   flexform_getStringFromPointer ($flexformPointer)
   flexform_getRecordByPointer ($flexformPointer)
   flexform_getPointersByRecord ($elementUid, $pageUid)
   flexform_getElementReferencesFromXML($flexformXML, $flexformPointer)
   flexform_getListOfSubElementUidsRecursively ($table, $uid,
   flexform_getFlexformPointersToSubElementsRecursively ($table, $uid,

   ds_getFieldNameByColumnPosition ($contextPageUid, $columnPosition)
   ds_getExpandedDataStructure ($table, $row)
   ds_getAvailableTORecords ($pageUid)

>> The goal for the 1.0 version was that TemplaVoila is stable with its
>> current features and seemlessly integrates into TYPO3 - that means you
>> can use the clipboard, the list module etc. just like you're used to
>> without TemplaVoila. Two thirds of the extension have been refactored and
>> are much easier to read now ...
> This is just excellent! The only question: do I have to remap everything
> from TV version 0.3.0?

Of course not!

Robert Lemke
TYPO3 Association - Research & Development
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