[Typo3] OT: Who is interested in a TemplaVoila seminar?

Dmitry Dulepov typo3 at fm-world.ru
Thu Dec 1 08:33:59 CET 2005


Robert Lemke wrote:
> with the release date for TemplaVoila 1.0 coming nearer, I am now planning a
> few seminars I'd like to give about TemplaVoila in February '06. If you are
> interested in such seminar, no matter what country you're from ;-), or you
> could organize such a seminar for me in your region, please get in touch
> with me. I have to add that I do this as "Robert Lemke" not as "a guy from
> the TYPO3 Association" and therefore shamelessly use this list for some
> advertising (but hey, you're shamelessly using TemplaVoila ;-)

I am interested to participate but it will depend on my workload at that

> The version 1.0 mainly consists of dozens of bug fixes and improvements
> under the hood and - interesting for the PHP devlopers among us - a
> complete API for other extensions who'd like to play around with
> TemplaVoila features. 

Well, I am using the same approach as mininews does in a number of my
extensions. Is there any other API? Do you have docs for it already?

> The goal for the 1.0 version was that TemplaVoila is stable with its current
> features and seemlessly integrates into TYPO3 - that means you can use the
> clipboard, the list module etc. just like you're used to without
> TemplaVoila. Two thirds of the extension have been refactored and are much
> easier to read now ...

This is just excellent! The only question: do I have to remap everything
from TV version 0.3.0?


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