[TYPO3-dev] no content FE

Fabrizio Branca news at _REMOVETHIS_fabrizio-branca.de
Thu Jun 24 11:09:53 CEST 2010

Hi David,

I had this issue, too. No output, but the source is not empty. Inserting 
page=PAGE, page.10=TEXT, page.10.value = HELLO WORLD indeed shows Hello 
World after clearing the cache.

The problem in my case was, that the file permissions were not set 
correctly while installing the introduction package. After removing 
everything, copying the files again, setting the correct file 
permissions _before_ installing and then installing the introduction 
package, everything was fine.



On 23.06.2010 18:49, David Vandemaele wrote:
> Helllo,
> after installing the new typo3 version using the new install tool, I can
> login into the BE without a problem, and can start using it.
> But the FE doesn't show a thing. CSS and JS files are loaded, but
> everything between the body tags is gone.
> Clearing the cache does not solve this.
> Does somebody has this similar behaviour.
> Thanks in advance.
> David Vandemaele

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