[TYPO3-dev] Pre or post processing data map

Tapio Markula tapio.markula at atwebteam.com
Fri Oct 27 10:33:58 CEST 2006


In order to force saving form fields with certain values (in my case
field 'hidden'),  the most reasonable way is using pre or post 
processing using hook for class.tx_t3lib_tcemain.php

I took hook definition from another plugin and tried to use
following in my extension

= 'tx_t3lib_tcemain_process_datamap';

and hook file

      * Hook for pre processing the incoming fieldArray
      * @param    array        Incoming field array
      * @param    string        Table
      * @param    integer        UID
      * @param    object        Calling (Parent) Object
      * @return    void
     function processDatamap_preProcessFieldArray(&$incomingFieldArray, 
$table, $id, $calling_obj)    {

         if (($table=='tt_content' || 
$table=='pages')&&is_array($incomingFieldArray) && 
             $incomingFieldArray['hidden']=    $myGET['publish'];
doesn't do anything - pre or post processin is however the *only 
reasonable* possibility to handle this issue - or that should be postprocess

thied also
No effect.
I just don't figure why neither pre of post processing doesn't do anything.

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