[TYPO3-dev] Howto change page title?

Markus L. Dechert md at weaveit.de
Sat Oct 7 20:30:55 CEST 2006

Andreas Bulling schrieb:
> Hi all,


> just a short question today, hopefully someone is able to
> help me with this. Thanks in advance! ;-)
> What's the easiest/recommended way to change the browser's
> page title in one's extension?

I'm not sure if I got you right but I once did it with the following
TypoScript code:

# Set the page title by yourself using localized TS constants for
# the title part and insert the subtitle after the colon.
config.noPageTitle = 1
page.headerData.1 = TEXT
page.headerData.1.field = subtitle
page.headerData.1.wrap =
#For starters:
#page.headerData.1.value = <title>A Title for my Precious Page</title>

If someone sets the site title in his extension I recommend you to have
a look at the extension's TS and annihilate the appropriate TS object.

If you want to write an extension that changes the page title find the
(right) PAGE object and use it in the fashion I tried to point out above.

> Thanks and kind regards,
>   Andreas

Cheerio and HTH,

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