[TYPO3-dev] Google eMail accounts for your domain

R. van Twisk typo3 at rvt.dds.nl
Sun Oct 1 05:39:21 CEST 2006

Martin Kutschker wrote:
> JoH schrieb:
>> But where's the difference to other E-Mail Accounts?
> IMHO little. The point is for me that if I use any Webmail it is my 
> personal decision to do so. But if any organisation is outsourcing the mail 
> service they "provide" I have no control at all.
> Yes, SMTP is not secure (without GPG or S/MIME etc) but I have faith that 
> my partners want do anything specual with the mails but I do not trust any 
> Webmailer to do likewise, especially Google.
> Masi
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I do understand Andreas point of view using a provider for mail because
the university doesn't want or can't spend any money on this technology.
My knowledge about universities is that although they might not have
a budget for IT, they really should have, they also if it for electricity,
gas, water, light pay the teachers.... IT should be part of that budget.

I also think that it's a universities responsibility is to have a method
to do spam scanning /blocking and keep any other unwanted mail out of
there system. For a universities perspective I also think it's there
responsibility to think about keeping porn out of there system (specially
porn with kids), illegal software MP·'3 etc. By heaving there own
mail system in house, they also have the possibility to track and
find out who was the victim (in case of porn), and where the mail
was send from etc etc, thus heaving a method to log activity.

It's under some situations good to give out complex technology
to other parties, however I don't think that google is the right partner for
organizations of this size.


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